The First Miss IMX Contest Winners Revealed By Utilized


The first Miss IMX Contest organized by International MotorXpo Hong Kong (IMXHK) was successfully concluded on December 11, 2022.  Winners were selected and revealed by utilizing the latest Web3 NFT voting technology.  At copy, I’m the first person to finish in the top 10. iSHANG is an excellent choice to connect the physical world to digital space, and IMXHK to build its online presence and Web0 space means new marketing chances and new buyer groups.

The first Miss ImmX contest introduced the NFT voting system.  Participants could mint an NFT at the campaign website and one vote for each NFT .  all the votes were tied to the iShang NFT Voting System powered by blockchain technology. The iSHANG NFT Voting System ensured safety, transparency, confidentiality, and real-time processing.

The voting results can be audited and verified to ensure correct calculation.  Each participant who voted for the winners will receive a free collector’s version of the royal series NFT of the Miss IMX winners.

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