Trump’s NFTs seem to be a rip-off from small clothing brands


The top NFT in his collection went for over 20 ETH, and the average price was still more than twice the minting price of $99.  Trump’s NFTs seems to be a ripoff of small clothing brands. Many of these are pictures from the internet.  you can find them using reverse image searches.

Maybe the company behind NFT did not bother to make these images. They just used a simple AI to generate them. The left image is a duplicate of the right image except for the color and a few other details. The creases in the coat or how the hands are placed are similar. The company behind those Notfts is shady and does not have proper addresses or offices.

The Trump NFTs are personal and do not relate to any political affiliations. He also believes that the prize of having dinner with him is excellent. Trump’s NFTs seems to be a rip-off of cheap clothes brands.

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