Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo NFT Game Accused Of Being A Scam


The game CryptoZooNFT, where players purchase zoo coins and spend them on NFT eggs that hatch into animals, has had its fair share of controversy. YouTuber Stephen’ Coffeezilla ‘Findeisen has investigated the game. He has alleged the game itself was never playable.

CryptoZoo has never been playable despite spending up to half a million dollars on the game. A user of the game has spoken out regarding the game’s failures. The Zoo Coin was a market cap of over two billion dollars before launch. The zoo coin yield was not working on the day of launch. It doesn’t work today. Investors poured money into CryptoZoo and could not get their money back.

Influencer Logan Paul did not interact with the scam and rug allegations. Logan Paul says a third party held the gaming code hostage for a $1 million ransom. The developer has not commented on the claims. He says he has abandoned the project and blames the failures on the third party.

Logan Paul claims that the report is ‘simply not true.’ Supposedly, Paul will reveal all in the next episode of ‘Impaulsive,’ due on January third. Paul believes terrible actors will be found, exposed, explained, and held fully accountable.

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