The NiFTy grift: Part 1 an ATM for stolen credit cards


A coworker/friend messaged me with something like, “Let’s do this, but give all of the money to Democrats LOL,” Kaboom Crypto was born. In our dreams, we will raise at least more for progressive candidates than Trump did to try and have him win.

Most people don’t know how to buy cryptocurrency readily or use it to purchase NFTs. The ideal scenario for an NFT seller is to be able to accept credit cards. But this creates a huge problem, namely fraud. A criminal could anonymously trade the token and eventually cash out.

If the token loses 90% of its value, it still is a good deal for them. The token is not their money in the first place. There are big cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Coinbase with KYC. Some transactions on that TFG’s website don’t show your passport or utility bill; as far as I can tell, the website doesn’t do any of that.

How did he avoid fraud? According to Aaron Carroll, a fraud story will take a few months to develop. A workaround involves sending a piece of mail to unlock purchased tokens.

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