Cardano: zk-rollup, gamefi and EVM L2 launch on the road


Cardano is set to introduce several bullish developments in 2023, according to Sebastien Guillemot, co-founder and chief technology officer of the crypto ecosystem development team dcSpark.

According to Guillemot, dcSpark’s goals for Cardano 2023 will come “very fast.” These include the release of the zk-rollup layer 2, the release of the gamefi layer 2, the decentralization of Milkomeda, and the publication of the first research paper regarding L2.

Currently, zero-knowledge rollup (ZK-rollup) is a hot topic in the blockchain community. This is a Layer 2 scaling solution that ensures much higher throughput and lowers costs without compromising security. The DCSpark website does not indicate whether its zero-knowledge roll-up solution will primarily benefit Cardano users.

In January of this year, dcSpark’s GameFi platform will launch the first NFT-powered game. Moreover, DcSpark will develop Cardano’s L2 sidechain Milkomeda for the launch of the blockchain game.

Additionally, Milkomeda, a platform that enables developers to bridge Ethereum Virtual Machine, will also be decentralized by dcSpark. The announcement could mean that the sidechain will introduce a token that will power its ecosystem’s decentralized governance. dcSpark’s zk-rollup solution may also focus on integrating Milkomeda on the Cardano blockchain.

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