Better Fan launches a new platform for P2E betting


With the launch of its new platform, Better Fan combines engaging gamified Web3 elements with a pay-to-earn model.

By combining blockchain and play-to-earn (P2E) mechanics, Better Fan, a Web3-based platform for sports betting, seeks to capitalize on the popularity of blockchain technology.

Better Fans provides players with exciting Web3 experiences where they can safely participate in betting. P2E games have long been popular among fans of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the like.

Through a closed economic system, the new platform prevents its users from losing real money. As part of Better Fan’s gamification solutions, fans have always been protected from going bankrupt. Ensuring a safe and healthy gaming environment. The result is that players can enjoy gaming mechanics without any of the risks normally associated with them.

Based on non-fungible tokens to further immerse players in a Web3 environment, the fan cards determine players’ daily betting limits and maximum bet sizes. As a further indication of Better Fan’s gamification efforts, fans can update these cards to increase these parameters.

If a fan correctly predicts the outcome of a game and places a winning bet, they will receive a certain amount of Better Than Bet (BTB) tokens. Users can redeem Better Than Bet tokens for various features or exchange them for USD in a classic P2E arrangement.

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