Skoda Plans to Reach More Younger Customers via Skodaverse


The Skodaverse is a new Skoda project in the Metaverse. It’ll make it easy and playful to explore e-mobility at Skoda, including test-driving the latest Enyaq Coupé RS iV.

The Skodaverse contains exciting features, including Skoda’s NFT Gallery and entertaining games. Moreover, it involves interaction with other Skoda users through custom Skoda avatars. Metaverse and Web3 strategist Diego Borgo will appear as guests in the latest episode of Simply Clever.

In the Skoda Metaverse, visitors can redeem Skoda skins for their own avatars to wear as they explore the Skoda island in the virtual world.

In addition to taking virtual test drives and learning about e-mobility at Skoda, visitors can discover the latest Enyaq Coupé RS iV model in the exhibition space. The Skoda NFT gallery offers immersive virtual exhibitions of NFT artwork. The space also entertains in the form of events and digital conferences. In addition, live events, such as media days and product presentations, may be scheduled in the future.

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