SAND & ROSE Crash. ORBN Token Rises


SAND and ROSE holders are stockpiling more of ORBN token after its price has risen, taking advantage of its rising value.

Sandbox (SAND) crashes in the crypto market

The play-to-earn concept offered by The Sandbox (SAND) token offers users the luxury of creating and playing games, which integrates blockchain technology into the mainstream gaming industry. With SAND losing over 90% of its value, investors are turning to better-performing tokens such as ORBN.

ROSE’s Fall from Grace

ROSE is the native token of Oasis Network. The network is focused on preserving energy and staying eco-friendly in the long run. Oasis is thought to be the next breed of blockchain networks with a keen focus on keeping the NFT market good for Earth.
ROSE, however, is seeing a bad patch. While growing at a good rate, the token recently fell to a low point of $0.05011.

ORBN Continues to Rise

With the above-mentioned tokens crashing at the market, we might expect every token to do the same. But ORBN shows resilience. Orbeon Protocol is crowd funded and will be taking the NFT world by storm.
Even in its pre-sale phase, the ORBN token is valued at $0.0435. This is a good appreciation from its previous price of $0.004.

So what can we expect from ORBN tokens in the future? Will it continue its reign? Or will it also go crashing like the rest of the tokens?

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