Chatbots and Metaverse. Where Does It All Converge?


Chatbots are a major part of our online interactions. Websites use these to provide a unique experience to all of their users. Now, these chatbots are becoming better at holding conversations through natural language processing and AI.

If you’ve been to a website recently, you must’ve noticed how well these bots react to your prompts. The main reason behind this change is consumer demand. People want a personalized experience and AI-driven bots are the way to go.

The metaverse can also benefit from these chatbots. In the metaverse, we’ll interact with fellow avatars as well as NPCs. These NPCs will be driven by the same engine as today’s chatbot.

These AI-driven NPCs will make the experience more engaging, provide a reliable friend, and can even help solve meticulous tasks in the metaverse.

XANA: Genesis is an example of such an AI. You can chat with it, provide specific prompts, and get help for your metaverse journey.

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