NFT court orders could become a norm in crypto-related litigation

NFT court orders could become a norm in crypto-related litigation

The last year has seen increased litigation over NFTs. Lawyers say they are becoming more popular for getting through blockchain-based crimes. A court granted a firm’s request for its client to serve a defendant via NFTHe were unaware of his identity. A judge accepted the request to do a defendant via NFT. He stated that the defendant stole cryptocurrency, roughly $958,648.

The defendant presented a declaration from a crypto investigator confirming the swiped cryptocurrency transactions to the court. A court notice typically contains the notice of the legal action with summons language and a hyperlink to a designated website. You should stamp that wallet address with a black mark on it. Public blockchains are open, making it easy to find if a wallet is in use.

Businesses may not want to accept transactions where the wallet is too close to being accused of being involved in litigation. Other court orders were served through NFT in 2022. an international law firm did a restraining order via NFT in June 2022. It took only an hour for the asset recovery team to airdrop 3 M US dollars frozen on the chain. Giambrone & Partners became the first law firm in the united states.

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