Experience Aura Skypool Lounge from anywhere in the world

Experience Aura Skypool Lounge from anywhere in the world

The DUBAI AURA Skypool Lounge is the world’s highest 360° infinity pool. Digital spaceRare City is curating the Metaverse. The skypool lounge will be available to everyone on digital spacerarecity. Rare Age Technologies leverages blockchain for the Rare City Metaverse. The Rare City metaverse is a blockchain-powered city.

Digital visitors can now help crowdfund AURA in the Metaverse through the link. Guests can host their Meta yoga class and enjoy lifetime complimentary access to the iconic landmark during regular operating hours. Sunset Hospitality Group SHG was founded in 2011 with the vision to create unique hospitality experiences worldwide, from resorts and beach clubs to restaurants and nights.

The group has since become a leading hospitality investment and management company, developing new, pioneering concepts and acclaimed multinational brands. SHG has a presence in 9 countries across 26 brands.

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