Amazon Likely to Unveil Its NFT Initiative This April 2023

Amazon is gearing up to dive into digital assets and nonfungible tokens. Sources say that amazon is launching a digital assets enterprise, and its NFT initiative will come as soon as the spring of 2023. Amazon is getting customers to play crypto games and claim free NFTs in return. Source: amazon coming into the space is a big one for crypto for all sorts of reasons. But it seems like it is happening.

A crypto source says the tech and e-commerce giant will likely bake its crypto ambitions public by 2023. sources said that Amazon would do at least one NFT drop with an artist. In time, the platform that will hold amazon’s NFT gaming system is still unclear. If amazon executes and does this correctly and is smart about it, it will affect existing players. The two sources said the NFT initiative would not run on the popular Webhosting platform – Amazon Web Services.

Amazon seems set to compete hard with other NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Raribles .  one source said the company could have massive success with the number of customers Amazon currently has. The two organizations entered into a partnership earlier this month. The partnership would allow Amazon web services to scale blockchain adoption. It would allow institutions, organizations, and governments to adopt the technology.

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