AI will be seen powering all marketing tactics in 2023

AI will be seen powering all marketing tactics in 2023

A new year is seen as bringing in new operational efficiencies and more robust strategies. The emergence of Metaverse, AI, and digital advertising is the key trend, says Tanvi Bosm. It is essential to stay relevant and ahead of trends. 2023 is expected to welcome more brands to innovate and disrupt the space. This is an excellent way for brands to reach out and build a community worldwide with more hands-on, engaging experiences.

Chatbots will be seen in almost all marketing tactics in the years to come. Digital assistants play music or find information online, but marketers will also try using them for advertising. Personalized messages help influence the customer to make decisions and are vital in providing quality service across all channels. It is not about persuading them to buy your product anymore; it is more about offering them a personalized customer experience. Brands should invest more in creating brand journeys.

Short-form content SFV (short-form video) is going to keep getting better and better. Influencer marketing has been on the rise for a while now. Influencers continue to grow their social presence, and more prominent audience brands can find opportunities to cocreate seeming organic content. A high possibility that the line between the celebrity and the influencer will blur shortly.

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