NFT artist creates Bondee-inspired rooms featuring classic Pinoy

NFT artist creates Bondee-inspired rooms featuring classic Pinoy

Bendedee has been trending on the Philippines’ Twitter for a week now. She is the latest trending celebrity on the country’s social media platforms. The trending girl is in the country for the first time since April. Thousands of Filipinos sign up for this program. The program is free and open to the public. If you are a philippine, you can sign up for a 10% discount on your first month of school.

Some users call Bondee like the Sims, but with a social media aspect. Bondee also has a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Some say it’s more like a game of chess than a video game. Bondee members have spent a few hours personalizing Jhanrell Cortez de la Cruz, who goes by Rell, for his creative take on Bondee rooms. The apartment is Filipino, with bedrooms, a kitchen and bathroom, a barbershop, a cafe, and a village computer.

Facebook user Juan Marco brought people’s attention to Rell’s NFT artwork after Bondee exploded in popularity — helping the artist gain more fans in return. Classic Filipino settings are a popular source of inspiration for online designers and modders, with several artists using games such as The Sims 4 to create highly detailed virtual worlds.

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