Neon Link Launches $NEON Token Presale for Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem


The blockchain gaming company, Neon Link, is opening the presale of its $NEON token on February 15th. This presale will fuel the next generation of games that run on the company’s cross-chain network.

Early adopters of the $NEON token will be the first to join what could become a major player in the crypto gaming industry. The $NEON token will power all products under Neon Link. It includes upcoming games and utility-based tools like the Neon Wallet, NFT marketplace, and Gaming ID + Name Service.

Neon Link has been building its foundational product suite since early 2022. Moreover, it is poised to launch multiple products simultaneously, a rare achievement in both crypto and non-crypto spheres. The Neon Link ecosystem includes new tools and services for both gamers and crypto enthusiasts. Like unique NFTs with games built around them.

Token holders will be able to participate in the governance of the Neon Link protocol through voting on proposals and product development. The total supply of $NEON is 1 billion tokens, with 55 million offered for the first sale. The price of the tokens will position the fully diluted valuation of the Neon Link ecosystem at $80 million.

Neon Link aims to bring Web3 gaming to the mainstream by providing the infrastructure and scalable blockchain ecosystem needed for game developers to offer incredible experiences to players. The presale of the $NEON token is the first step in this mission.

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