Rarepepe A Tale of Memes, Bitcoin and The Emergence of NFT Collectibles

Rarepepe: A Tale of Memes, Bitcoin and The Emergence of NFT Collectibles

Rarepepe is often credited as the NFT project that gave birth to crypto art. The project was minted on the bitcoin blockchain using the counterparty protocol. It has 1774 cards, each with its issuance, and features many NFTs first. Pepee became a medium to express emotion and reactions to du jour news items. Memes were used as a dog whistle by president Trump to signal acceptance and support of these groups. While Pepe was taking on an outsized role in American politics and internet culture, early advances in blockchain technology were starting to take shape.

Counterparty was one of the first platforms that allowed people to create a Nonfungible token. Spells of Genesis was the first big project issueless on the counterparty platform. The first rare Pepe card, rare Pepee’ was in September 2016 Mike. It is regarded as an NFT grail by collectors for its historical significance and regularly sells for hundreds of thousands of dollars. The one trillion, the private and public scards differ from the other cards. After completing the final card, activity in the rarepepeespace died down for 2-3 years.

The feltgoodman series 20, card 50 MattFuriee finally concludes the art in September. Since Rarepepe was resurrected, OGs and newer people have begun starting derivative projects that pay tribute to the original. 2022 saw a proliferation of art in this space, attracting famous and up-and-coming crypto artists.

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