GameFi The New Trend In Casual Gaming And Web 3.0 Mini Games


The GameFi sector is suffering from the severe effects of the bear market. But the Web 3.0 gaming market remains one of the fastest-growing segments of Web 3.0. With an average number of up to 800,000 active unique wallets per day in some periods.

AAA games face difficulties entering Web 3.0 due to high entry requirements, long R&D cycles, difficulties in profiting, and the bear market. Game Space has turned its focus to casual GameFi mini-games, which have short and easy development cycles. Relatively it’s easy-to-design economic models, and a huge user base due to the addition of social attributes.

These games are easy to play and flexible, attracting a considerable amount of user scale and engagement, and can be profitable due to random incentives such as mystery boxes. According to the expectations, the casual games market will exceed $500 million in 2022 alone.

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