Spotify partners with NFT Projects to test NFT locked curated playlists

Spotify partners with NFT Projects to test NFT-locked curated playlists

Spotify is testing token-enabled playlists to let holders of NFTs access different content. An exciting move connects Spotify to the growing web3 and cryptocurrencies world. It gives some NFT holders another reason to seek out an exclusive collection. Despite their potential, NFTs are still incredibly niche. Spotify has partnered with several NFT projects to test NFT and Web3 integration on the music streaming platform. Each NFT project has a unique playlist on the streaming service.

The playlist is locked until you attempt to access it via the link provided by NFT Project. When you click the link, it confirms ownership of project NFT in your Web3 wallet. This isn’t Spotify’s first NFT integration and won’t be its last. In 2022, Spotify launched a short project that was not long, but it shows that it is into Web3 and NFT integration.

While locking playlists behind NFTs is excellent, you must note that NFT projects are not uploading unique music to Spotify. Kingship metaverse band’s playlist contains ms. Belts and led zeppelin. nft projects are always looking to make their NFTs stand out. Maybe a unique audio experience on Spotify might be just the ticket.

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