Windows 11 to get AI Bing search box, phone link for iOS

The tech giant has announced new updates for Windows 11, including the new AI-powered taskbar and Phone Link for iOS. It also features a new typable search box and AI-driven search Bing. The Microsoft Phone Link is now available for iPhone and iPad, although the writer is unsure if they like the idea or not. They do, however, believe that having a TV in the living room is a good idea, as they can’t always watch on the big screen and would like to watch a movie in the bedroom.

The new updates promise faster performance, and the writer is excited to spend time with family playing various games simultaneously. The search box is one of the most widely used Windows features. It has over half a billion users every month, making it a ‘must-have’ feature for every user.

Additionally, over half of all internet users use it at least once a day, and it’s used by over a quarter of all Microsoft applications. The tech giant has also introduced a new Phone Link for iOS, ensuring users never miss an important call or text while concentrating on their PC. Samsung phone owners will find it easier to activate their phone’s PFW from inside the WiFi connection.

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