Artificial Intelligence Project Under Construction to Assess Organ Quality for Transplants

Artificial intelligence could assist surgeons in performing 300 more operations. The National Institute of Health and Care Research has provided researchers with £1m to develop the project. The technology will be called ORQA, Organ Quality Assessment, and will examine the suitability of an organ for transplant.

The tool is expected to increase the number of patients receiving kidney and liver transplants in the UK by 200 and 100 annually. It may help surgeons to perform 300 more transplant surgeries a year. Staff can make mistakes in their assessment of an organ.

But with, AI is expected to improve success rates by scoring organs against images of ones that have been previously used in operations. The NHS Blood and Transplant organization (NHSBT) has supported the project as they tackle a waiting list of over 7,000 transplant patients.

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