Asmongold hits back at Dr DisRespect’s game featuring NFTs.

A popular Twitch personality recently reacted to a YouTube Gaming star, Herschel Guy, who announced that his NFT game Deadrop would incorporate non-fungible tokens. According to the creator of Dr. Disrespect’s game, it was designed with a dollar value in mind. Asmongold, another Twitch streamer, believes people don’t want everyone’s gaming experience to be cheap. He also commented on a former Twitch streamer who called those who claimed the NFT idea was a scam “brain dead.”

Asmongold expressed his opinion many people play games to escape from the real world, and including NFTs in games like Deadrop would take away from that escapism. He argued that even in games with gacha systems, there is still only one way to play the game. Fans have reacted to Asmongold’s opinion on the matter, and he believes that incorporating NFTs into games would detract from the escapism that gaming provides.

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