FLASK NAODA Beta: Web 3.0 GameFi Platform for Global Access

Web 3.0 Platform
Web 3.0 Platform

South Korean tech company FLASK has announced the launch of the international beta version of its Web 3.0 GameFi platform, NAODA, on April 7, 2023. NAODA is a blockchain platform that offers high-quality, community-driven gaming experiences. Moreover, according to some expectations, it will contribute to the Web 3.0 ecosystem. The platform will issue Proof-of-Participation (POP) digital badges to users who take part, with different levels of rewards redeemable as tokens in NAODA’s NFT Marketplace. FLASK will release the official version of NAODA in H2 2023 and attend the ‘2023 Consensus’ blockchain event in Texas as an official sponsor.

FLASK is a technology company that relaunched in 2022 to expand blockchain and Web 3.0 technologies. The company’s blockchain-based game platform and game titles are developed by top talent from leading companies. The CEO of FLASK, Lee Byoung-Jae, was formerly General Manager at EA Studios Spearhead and EA Seoul Studio for EA Korea. The company aims to provide expanded GameFi services through NAODA and high-end games scheduled for release in H1 2023.

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