Sony PSVR2 Headset Will Have A Cold Reception


“I suspect a price cut on the PSVR2 will be needed to avoid a complete disaster of their new product,” Jeronimo said

The cold consumer reception to the PSVR2 indicates the wider challenge for metaverse purveyors, including Meta. The hype surrounding metaverse offerings slowed over the past year.

Sony Group Corp will sell less than 300,000 PlayStation VR2 headsets during its first weeks on the market, which is a slow start for the company.

The Tokyo-based console maker is likely to sell about 270,000 units of the PSVR2. These sales will come between February 22, its release date, and the end of March.

Consumers around the world face rising costs of living, interest rates, and layoffs. The current economic climate does not make VR headsets a hot product.

The PSVR2 requires a PlayStation 5 console to play with and costs $549. Meta has announced a price cut on Quest 2.

The headset is the foundation of Sony’s plan to build a metaverse where people can do a lot more than video games. Sony had a big target of making about 2m units for the PSVR2 launch window.  Tech firms are cutting spending on projects that do not immediately go well.

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