GameFi Execs Suggest Minecraft and GTA May Embrace Blockchain


While some mainstream gaming studios have banned the use of blockchain and NFTs due to concerns about fraudulent behavior, gaming executives believe that demand from users will eventually lead to the adoption of the technology. Walter Lee, BNB Chain‘s Gaming Growth Guide, believes that authorities need to take more action to educate people about blockchain technology, its benefits, and its potential risks. He thinks that the reluctance of some gaming studios to embrace blockchain is due to fears of undermining their current business models, but if user demand for blockchain integration increases, they will be willing to alter their policies.

Grant Haseley, Executive Director at Wagyu Games, believes that only a single success story can change the usage of blockchain in gaming, and that AAA studios are likely to alter their decision after losing market share to Web3 games. Justin Hulog, Chief Studio Officer at Immutable Games Studio, shares this view and believes that it is highly likely that mainstream studios will eventually adopt blockchain technology, possibly starting with incorporating support for crypto as a payment method for gaming.

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