Brands Talk About AI At Shoptalk


”Samir Desai, EVP and chief digital and technology officer at Abercrombie & Fitch, said he’s taking a similar goals-oriented approach to AI.

But neither Tolia nor Desai mentioned specific AI use cases at Shoptalk, stating they are still in the early testing phase.

Will it get any real use beyond my kids using it to cheat on their homework?

As we saw with the ios and the accompanying mobile apps, there is a layer of innovation that needs to come alongside technology like this. We need to make it enterprise friendly. For example, Verishop is testing ChatGPT’s ability to put product recommendations into personalized content themed around things like swimsuits for summer. Shoptalk 2023 executives addressed the latest tech craze — AI and large language models, notably OpenAI ChatGP.

The ultimate question is, will it allow for anything that’s disruptively better than what’s already possible for the consumer? The last point of that was what people used to say against Web3 apps like Metaverse. When a new tool like ChatGPT comes out, good. Maybe you can use that toward your goals. We are looking at how we can use it to create efficiency and closer relationships with customers.

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