Korean NFT Platform KOONG to Expand Globally


Korea’s NFT direct transaction platform, KOONG, plans to expand into the global market, according to Director Taewon Kim. The platform allows users to safely register and sell their sound source files as NFTs without going through complex procedures, and all processing stages are safe thanks to the company’s blockchain patents. Kim stated that KOONG’s most valuable asset is not only its technology but also its “human resources,” and the company plans to make its first step in the global music and blockchain industry markets this year.

KOONG intends to acquire additional patents from foreign countries based on the patents it already has and plans to develop innovative technologies along with experts in the blockchain field. Kim is confident that KOONG will be at the forefront of the industry’s rapid change in the era of WEB 3.0, and he hopes to deliver his efforts in engraving a sense of responsibility, passion, and challenging spirit into the hearts of the platform’s users around the world.

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