Huobi Partners With Gala Games And Rock DAO To Launch GameFi Token


Huobi partners with Gala Games and Rock DAO for GameFi ecosystem integration and cooperation. They plan to deeply integrate ROCK, a gaming token, with the web3 gaming ecosystems of both Gala Games and Huobi. Gala Games will migrate its entire entertainment ecosystem to its own layer-1 blockchain, and ROCK will play an important role in it as a functional token. Meanwhile, Huobi aims to enrich the gaming experience for users by providing a safe and secure environment to game and trade digital assets.

About Gala Games

Gala Games is a web3 games company that uses decentralization, player ownership and reward economies to create a revolutionary new way of gaming. With dozens of games on the horizon and several already in various stages of playtesting, Gala Games is quickly becoming the world leaders in own-your-experience gaming.

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