Seoul Mobility Show 2023 A Success


Seoul Mobility Show 2023 exhibitors included Kia, Renault Korea Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, BMW, Genesis, Chabot Motors (INEOS), KG Mobility, Tesla, Porsche, and Hyundai Motor.

They displayed 90 products, including eight World Premieres, four Asian Premieres, nine Korea Premieres, and ten concept cars.

The New Mobility 9 companies showcased their tech, such as robotics, UAM, PAV, virtual concepts (metaverse) etc. KINTEX Exhibition Center 1 hosted the event from Friday, March 31, to Sunday, April 9. Approximately 510,000 people visited during the 10-day event. This is a 104% increase compared with 2021.

Participants included as many as 163 business entities and institutions from 12 countries, including hardware, software, and service companies. The scope of participation expanded to the overall mobility industry, including robotics and air mobility.

The Seoul Mobility Show 2023 closed on Sunday, April 9, after highlighting its evolution to a full-scale convergence exhibition with the theme of mobility.

Seoul Mobility Awards’ Grand Prize presented to SOS Lab’s Solid State 3D LidarGOYANG, South Korea.

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