Could Pikamoon be the Next Big GameFi Token?


Pikamoon is a new NFT play-to-earn game with fun gameplay, NFT element, and a thriving marketplace. Pika is a native token for investors. This ecosystem allows users to use their $PIKA tokens to purchase Pikamoon NFTs. Buy NFTs through the Pikamoon Marketplace. One of the main components of Pikamoon will be the Marketplace. The game aims to replicate the cartoonish style of Fortnite and the stunning gameplay and diverse regions for which Pokémon is known for.

It used many of the same principles for its strategy and team building based on soccer, first with a single-player story mode. The marketplace allowed members to purchase virtual land outside of the Pikamoon avatars. In addition to winning multiple rewards fighting in the pakaceverse, this utility token will allocate 10% of the token supply to stake rewards. Pikamoon has taken inspiration from multiple gaming projects such as Pokémon and Fortnite.

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