Welcome To AI Week At IGN


AI is the buzzword of the moment, easily overshadowing recent tech bro hypegasms like NFTs, Blockchain, the Metaverse,“ We’ll explore how AI can transform game development, how it can improve accessibility, how gamers are using it to create their own role-playing games, and how it could reshape television. We tend to hear a lot of scary stories about what AI means for the future. There’s fear of the jobs it could eliminate, fear of the speed at which it adapts and “learns”, or even fear of how it’s unable to adequately process the inanity of social media, leading it to threaten to dox people as a result. There is a lot to be excited about.

Originally coined by computer scientist John McCarthy in 1956 during his tenure at MIT, the term has since inspired researchers, scientists, writers, and creators of every kind of entertainment imaginable. Machines Thinking goes back to Fritz Lang 1927 Dystopian Future in Metropolis. How AI can change game development, how it can make things more accessible, gamers using it to make their own role-playing games. Look at how AI is changing the animation business, and how it may eventually affect games. We’ll also remember the evilest malevolent AIs in movie and television history. There is a lot of talk going on at the moment.ChatGPT and ChatBots make you think they are new, but it has been around for many years.

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