Web3 Computer for Blockchain and DApps by Higgs


Higgs unveils Web3 Computer Custom Built for Blockchain and DApps on May 1, 2023. A public, secure blockchain-based virtual machine that supports the metaverse, NFTs, AIGC, smart contracts, and DApps, among other things.

Higgs is an industry leader in blockchain infrastructure, Web3 DApp development, smart contract programming, nonfungible tokens, and more.

The data and information are controlled by specific internet platforms, which makes everything centralized. And prone to exploitation. But the real-time nature, transparency, efficiency, decentralization, and disintermediation of blockchain technology, make the internet decentralized Web3.

‘Higgs Technology’ is an oriented business that is dedicated to offering its clients and partners solutions that add value and are safe. The Higgs Web3 is a supercomputer specially constructed for blockchain and decentralized applications. To be more valuable for customers and partners, the company also actively supports applying blockchain technology to the real economy.

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