KU VC Inaugurates MeitY Sponsored FDP on Artificial Intelligence


Vice-Chancellor University of Kashmir Prof Nilofer Khan on Monday inaugurated a 10-day faculty development programme (FDP) on Artificial Intelligence. He also includes its role in Future Communications, Signal Processing and Computing Applications’. Electronics and ICT Academy, NIT Warangal, in association with the Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Technology, University of Kashmir organizes the online FDP. It has a sponsorship of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), Government of India.

In her presidential remarks, Prof Nilofer said with AI domains taking different aspects of life into their fold. Academics will have to realign their teaching-learning processes in accordance with the changing requirements to train young students in newer areas of study, like the AI and ML. She said the University of Kashmir will work out the curriculum and other modalities for launch of a PG programme in Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, it will try to make it as one of the best academic modules in the specialised area. She congratulated the organisers from KU and NIT Warangal for holding the important FDP, which is being attended by more than 100 faculty members from various engineering institutions and universities in the country.

KU Registrar Dr Nisar A Mir, who was a guest of honour, said the University will provide its full support to such programmes which aim to build the capacities of faculty members in emerging areas of Artificial Intelligence. Head, Department of Electronics KU, said the current FDP is a second joint effort between the University of Kashmir and ICT Academy. It will upgrade capacities of faculty members in AI and its related domains. FDP Coordinator from KU, Dr Javaid A Sheikh, spelt out the objectives of the programme. He aims to impart new knowledge among participants on AI, new communications and signal processing applications using AI. Dr J Ravi Kumar, Coordinator from NIT Warangal, also spoke on the occasion.

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