Shiba Inu (SHIB) Whales And Jumping Ship From Meme Coins To Gamefi Tokens


Since it will be a game token for the upcoming Pikamoon adventure, that means that there is a ready market for this crypto. To put this in perspective, there’s news that Pikamoon is set to dislodge more established projects like Sandbox and Axie Infinity. The advent of gamefi tokens has impacted the crypto industry. Instead, when Elon Musk began tweeting about Dogecoin, its price and adoption increased exponentially. In no time, other similar cryptos were developed and Shiba Inu is a good example. However, it seems to have stalled and investors are looking for alternative like Pikamoon.

Generally, the Shiba Inu’s launch and the subsequent speculation and hype around the project show the power of online communities and social media in driving the value of crypto projects. Investors in Shiba made some money before. Shiba Inu (SHIB) whales and jumping ship from meme coins to Gamefi tokens, they now accumulate Pikamoon ($Pika) Crypto whales are changing their course, abandoning meme tokens for better secure projects in the GameFi sector like Pikamoon. Don’t read about investors that invested wisely by being early birds, be an early bird yourself and buy the token! GameFi tokens are a form of crypto, and are used on blockchain gaming platforms to encourage participation, allow in game purchases, and reward players.

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