HTC Teases A New Phone And It is All About The Metaverse


Coincidently, a new HTC device has been spotted online and it is rumoured to be called the HTC U23 Pro 5G. It looks like a Galaxy S21 ultra thing with a huge rectangular bump and a quadcam setup. HTC teased that it was launching a brand new U series smartphone after a long hiatus.

HTC is a phone maker who are nearly forgotten in the current smartphone landscape and have been struggling to find their niche, to stand out. This is coming after HTC introduced vviverse, a platform that focuses on virtual reality experience, with safety and security in mind. The teaser says the new HTC u is going to be about the metaverse. We reckon that HTC will have a better looking device if it wants a chance. There has been some talk about HTC launching a metaverse phone for a while.

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