Myland Earth Metaverse Unveils 3D Metaverse Solution for Enterprises


MyLand.Earth Metaverse Engine releases 3D templates for online users and businesses to create Metaverse content, reducing entry barriers and costs. These 3D templates, such as the My Event Gallery and Fashion Cove Retail Store templates, enable users to configure their Metaverse presences and match them to their tangible Earth locations on a 3D world map. Users can also upload their own digital content into the templates to create their virtual environments.

MyLand.Earth is a web 3 platform that offers NFT ownership verification, providing a 1:1 digital replica of planet Earth. The platform supports various content types, including digital images, animation, video, and 3D objects. By allowing entrepreneurs and businesses to quickly establish a Metaverse presence, MyLand.Earth aims to be the leader in Earth-based 3D/VR Web3 Technology and enable them to penetrate various international markets.

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