Emirates Post Group Unveiled a Unique NFT Stamp

The company “Emirates Post Group” in the UAE has created a unique stamp for NFT. Emirates Post Group will unveil a non-fungible token or NFT stamp on the UAE National Day 2021, i.e. December 2. The stamps will have a Blockchain copy.

The firm has exceeded the ability to appear on State’s Day in style. Thus, crypto imprints will be uniquely provided by the firm in the state.

Emirates Post Group raised the bar on postage stamp issuance in commemoration of the UAE National Day 2021.

Abdulla Mohammed Al Ashram, CEO of the EPG, will issue four unique NFT stamps. He added in an interview that “NFT Stamps Are Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Stamps and the World of Digital Cryptocurrency. The launch of the NFT stamps represents evidence of our abilities. We believe in becoming more digitally inclined to improve our service to the customers. This launch will be symbolic because it commemorates the 50th national day in the UAE. By introducing tradable NFT stamps, we have established a strong technology infrastructure in our business. This new generation of stamps is a testament to our capabilities and efforts to transform.”

According to the company CEO, Crypto stamps can be assembled and purchased by digital asset enthusiasts. This would be an achievement that will greatly impact advancing the journey and progress of the state.

Our stamps are also possible for collection, exchange, or online exchanges, such as digital tokens.

It has a distinct design, and each of the four NFT stamps carries it. Each NFT stamp is adorned with a distinct design based on the UAE national theme.

  • The first one contained a gram of fine gold titled The Golden Jubilee 2021.
  • The second stamp, “Spirit of the Union- 1971”, symbolises the nation’s establishment by the founding fathers.
  • The third stamp is Year of the 50th – 2021
  • The fourth design is Projects of the 50th 2071, representing the United Arab.

The buyer will only see the card when they scan the QR code printed on the card’s front side. The stamp contains a cryptographic NFC chip locked for verification. So, the future missions and aspirations of the United Arab Emirates are detailed by it.

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