US Plans To Restrict ChinaCloud Service Access


The United States to Restrict China’s Cloud Service Access: The US government is planning to impose restrictions on China’s access to American cloud computing technology. Concerns over data security and potential espionage have prompted this move, as officials seek to safeguard sensitive information and maintain control over critical infrastructure. The proposed restrictions aim to curb China’s access to advanced cloud services and prevent any potential threats to national security.

PM Modi Spotlights ‘Bhashini’ at SCO: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the importance of language diversity and inclusivity at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit. He highlighted the significance of the ‘Bhashini’ initiative, which aims to promote multilingualism and ensure effective communication across the member nations. PM Modi stressed the need to bridge the language barrier for better cooperation and understanding among SCO countries, emphasizing the role of technology in facilitating linguistic diversity and enhancing collaboration.

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