Virtual Art Exhibition held in Koto-Ku, Tokyo on XANA

NOBORDER.z held an interactive virtual exhibition utilizing the latest technology that allows artists to appreciate artworks at home.

Based on the purpose of the “Sports and Culture Festival” of this year’s Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, organized by Koto-Ku, Tokyo, in the virtual reality space application “XANA” developed by NOBORDER.z. The Koto organized “Heartful Art Exhibition,” which displays artworks created by people with disabilities who live, work or study in the ward.

What is the “Koto Heartful Art Exhibition”?

This exhibition includes artworks created by people with disabilities living, working, or attending school in Koto Ward, Tokyo. It is based on the purpose of the “Sports and Culture Festival” of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held this year. It has been held at three venues in each region from January 2nd year of Reiwa to March 3rd year of Reiwa.

Within the app, in addition to online convenience, which is not bound by time or place, you can reproduce and experience the exhibited artworks in a virtual space. Users can become avatars and freely go around the virtual space while viewing artworks. It expresses a realistic view of the world unique to VR, such as the greetings from the Mayor of Koto Ward and the comments and greetings from the judges, judging the exhibition this time.

The “Virtual Exhibition” can be viewed not only on smartphones but also on devices such as PCs and tablets so that a wide range of people, including the younger generation, can see the artworks. Our VR platform allows you to experience things that cannot be realized in a real exhibition.

Exhibition Period: From Saturday, May 15, Reiwa 3 to Thursday, September 30, Reiwa 3

It can be viewed on any device such as VR, smartphones, PCs, tablets, etc.

■ Service Name: XANA (Developer: NOBORDER.Z)

XANA (XANA) is the world’s first metaverse (virtual reality space) based on VR, mobile, and PC-enabled blockchain technology developed by the NOBORDER.Z Group (CEO: Takeshi Kubo), which has offices in eight countries, mainly in New York and Dubai. So far, it has attracted worldwide attention as a new business solution in the age of pandemics, such as eSports tournaments around the world and DJ events at homeland and abroad.

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