Let’s make CryptoNinja games! XANA’s Web3.0 Game Competition adds a new prize! IKEHAYA to be the judge

We are excited to announce that CryptoNinja, Japan’s No.1 NFT Brand, has been added as a new prize to the Web 3.0 Game Competition hosted by XANA. Moreover, the judge for this prize will be IKEHAYA, the leading figure of the NFT scene in Japan and the founder of CryptoNinja.

What is the Web 3.0 Game Competition?

XANA is a platform that allows anyone to easily create Web 3.0 games on the metaverse without any programming knowledge. To support the start of game creation, XANA regularly hosts Web3.0 Game Competitions with a total annual prize of $100,000, and the first one started on July 15th.

This is an opportunity for Web3.0 game developers, a huge growth sector, to showcase their work to the world.

The first competition is currently underway, and the application period is until August 30th, 2023. The total prize money is $11,000 (about 1.5 million yen), and there are the following categories:

  • Creator Category: $5,000 + CryptoNinja Game Prize $1,000
  • Promoter Category: $2,000
  • Player Category: $3,000

What is the CryptoNinja Game Prize?

The CryptoNinja Game Prize is a new prize added to this competition. This is a prize for games that incorporate the concept and elements of CryptoNinja, and games that meet the following criteria are eligible:

  • Using ninja assets in XANA Builder
  • Incorporating the worldview and setting of CryptoNinja

In addition, we plan to implement some of CryptoNinja’s characters as NPCs or player avatars to express the worldview (details will be announced later).

Additional prizes

  • CryptoNinja Game Gold Prize: $550
  • CryptoNinja Game Silver Prize: $300
  • CryptoNinja Game Bronze Prize: $150
  • This prize is included in the main game category and is not a separate category, so there is no need to enter separately. Also, there is no overlap of prizes, so the winning works will be either this prize or the CryptoNinja Game Prize (the amount is the same).
  • Please note that you cannot reuse worlds that you have created in the past in order to ensure fair judging within the period.
  • For more details and how to enter XANA’s Web3.0 Game Competition, please read this article.

Through this event, we will increase the opportunities for many creators, including NinjaDAO and XANADAO, the largest DAO creator communities in Japan, to experience the possibilities of Web3.0 gaming!


XANA Builder


Windows: http://bit.ly/xanabuilderwin

Mac: http://bit.ly/xanabuildermac


EN: https://bit.ly/3BGZHC3

JP: https://bit.ly/3LChizP

▼Game Component Operation Manual
*Please check the game component type implemented in the XANA app in advance (details here)


What is XANA?

XANA is Japan’s largest Web3.0 metaverse and provides a one-stop infrastructure for the metaverse era, such as a builder that allows anyone to create metaverses, avatars, games without coding, various AI, NFT marketplace, tokens, and more. In addition, to support Web3.0 creators, XANA has introduced an MVP system with over 1 million yen per month and partnered with China’s largest art university to promote Web3.0 entrepreneurship. Introduction examples and achievements

XANA’s main introduction examples and achievements

・Metaversed Koto Heartful Museum in Koto Ward, Tokyo for the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics

・XANA adopted as a Web3.0 class at Central Academy of Fine Arts International School, China’s largest art university

・Created virtual human for Unicorn Fashion Award at Milan Fashion Week

・Tottori Prefecture set up Japan’s first metaverse section with XANA and officially hired AI avatar staff

・J&J Business Creation, a joint venture of JTB and JCB, acquired land on XANA metaverse and expanded into the metaverse

・Three companies of Fuji Sankei Group acquired land on XANA metaverse and expanded into the metaverse

・Metaversed NFT game of Fuji TV’s popular program “Running Away” on XANA

・Kenji Kinoshita acquired land on XANA metaverse and held an art exhibition

・Simultaneous expansion of metaverse avatar T-shirts for Calbee and Sumo and real sales at AEON nationwide

・Metaverse expansion with BreakingDown, Japan’s largest martial arts entertainment

・Metaversed NFT and Web3.0 game of ULTRAMAN (20,000 NFT sold out in 10 seconds)

・Metaversed NFT and Web3.0 game of Astro Boy (25,000 NFT sold out by pre-order)

・Sold land on XANA metaverse and sold out 600 million yen worth in a few hours

・XANA’s own public blockchain “XANA Chain” introduced by three major global exchanges

〜And many more〜

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