NFT Games: Polygon Partners with GAMEON

Polygon develops new NFT games on its scaling platform. It is the company behind the Ethereum scalability solution. It will cover GameOn’s product development costs, as part of the agreement.

A gaming technology company has been investing in blockchain-based game development. Trade NFTs with no steep fees. It also established a fund of $100 million for projects combining blockchain and gaming.

One of the winners was gameOn, because Polygon will provide 50% of product development expenses in a non-dilutive manner. GameOn provides other entertainment companies with white-label prediction games, fantasy games, NFT-based games, and adventure-style games.

The collaboration will allow GameOn to utilize NFTs in its current products and develop new NFT based titles. GameOn is a company leveraging Polygon’s technology to exploit blockchain and NFTs, giving users a unique gaming experience.

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