NSAV Reveals Partnership With Metaverse to Roll Out First Ever DeFi-GameFi Platform

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Net Savings Link, Inc. (OTC Pink: NSAV) is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency technology firm that announced a partnership with Metaverse Network LLC (MNC) to launch the first-ever DeFi-GameFi hybrid app, MetaFi. It allows users to play and earn through algorithmic solutions.

Apart from offering leisure time, MetaFi compensates the users for the engagement they create. These benefits are interoperable and can be used in other blockchain-based apps. MetaFi users can keep their identities private by purchasing avatars with NFTs.

Moreover, NSAV has revealed that this joint venture will go public in New York during the first quarter of 2022. W. Y. Cheung, CEO of MNC, expresses his delight to cooperate with NSAV management. He further added, “They are very knowledgeable about blockchain technology, and their vision has always educated me.”

According to estimates, Metaverse has the potential to grow into a trillion-dollar market, and the interim CEO and Senior Vice President of Cryptocurrency Operations for NSAV believe NSAV can help in leveraging this. MNC is a playground in which creators and users interact, causing the Metaverse and existing reality to co-exist in peace.

Blockchain environments are the future, and they are going to dominate the digital landscape. MNC emphasizes that token ecology is critical to gaining entry into the new community and carrying out operations in the decentralized economy.

NSAV works with the mission to develop a business that is completely integrated into blockchain technology and provides solutions to cryptocurrency and digital asset issues. It is focused on providing multiple services like e-commerce, financial services, software solutions, consulting services, and information technology.

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