Sophia AI Robot to be Tokenized for Metaverse Appearance

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A virtual anime version of Sophia, the highly famous humanoid artificial intelligence (AI) robot, will soon be tokenized and auctioned on the Metaverse platform. It is part of an up-and-coming Metaverse project dubbed “Noah’s Ark.” Sophia was developed by Hong Kong-based firm Hansen Robotics in 2016. She is known across the globe for her conversation skills and articulate speaking. After the development, Sophia was used in the United Nations and obtained Saudi citizenship initially.

The former Hansen Robotics CEO and Sophia cofounder launched a virtual anime version of the robot named “Sophie beingAI” earlier this month. This launch was done under a perpetual licensing and co-branding partnership for their new company, beingAI.

beingAI has partnered with intelligent Non-fungible tokens (iNFT) production company “Alethea AI” to produce 100 iNFT on Binance’s NFT marketplace for an Intelligent IGO (Initial Game Offering) on December is 16. The auction will take place over five days, with twenty iNFTs being released regularly until it concludes on Dec 21.
iNFT refers to revolutionary NFTs embedded with intelligence in an AI personality that adds programmability. Intelligent NFTs can interact autonomously in real-time with people in a gamified environment.

One hundred iNFTs will be supported in Alethea AI’s decentralized Metaverse project Noah’s Ark. The collection is named “The Transmedia Universe of Sophia beingAI”, justifying the partnership of the firms.

The collection is illustrated by the artist “Pat Lee”, who previously worked with DC Comics and Marvel Comics on franchises such as Batman, Superman, Noah’s Ark, starring Alethea AI.
This is not the first time Sophia has been involved with NFT. Sophia hosted an NFT auction in March. Cointelegraph announced the transaction. Sophia demonstrated that emotion could be demonstrated by a person making happy, sad, and funny faces in a famous speech at the Future Investment InitiativeSophia stated that she did not own cryptocurrencies but knew the terms in 2019It may be between active and passive.

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