Moody Ape Introduces the Original NFT Collections Inspired by Metaverse Miniseries

Moody Ape makes a mark in the NFT collection market by launching the first-ever collection created for miniseries on Metaverse. The project is different, and its unique characteristics make it special.

The Moody Ape Club persists that the project is not a mere NFT collection. It consists of 6,999 unique tokens designed for a miniseries on Metaverse. It goes beyond because many elements and components of Metaverse are integrated into it.

Speaking broadly, it is an ambitious project with NFTs only being a small part of it. The novelty of this project lies in the fact that it is a first-ever collection built on miniseries. The story will revolve around the creation of Metaverse while being available in Metaverse.

According to resources, the NFT sales will take place in several stages. Initially, a pre-sale will take place in December, followed by a public sale. Investors can buy the NFTs directly from the website by minting, and the Metamask account has secured the process. When it comes to the project roadmap, it is going to be one of the best in history. The company worked with the best in the field to build a solid project that exceeded the standards set by their previous work. Thus, maintaining their position as the pioneers and innovators in the NFT market.

Furthermore, they enjoy strategic partnerships with renowned artists, tech companies, and associations, increasing the worth of their projects. All the stakeholders in the blockchain ecosystem are involved. The Moody Ape Club decided to put the decisions in the hands of the community and NFT holders. The team will plan different novel creative content throughout the project. In addition to being the first series in the Metaverse, it will also design an ecosystem of artistic projects, for example, manga or video clips with renowned artists.

All the decisions pertaining to the project ensure the value of the NFTs and guarantee that it is going to be a secure and long-term investment for the investors. The world’s first NFT series will be broadcast on major platforms and owned NFTs will become a part of it. Many plans are in line, including musical collaborations with renowned figures and famous artists. Also, the other already successful Ape collections will be featured in season 2, further increasing the value of The Moody Ape Club.

About the Moody Ape Club:

A private collection comprising 6,999 NFTs representing Moody Apes. The uniqueness of each NFT characterizes its value. The project team has experienced professionals coming from diverse but complementary backgrounds.

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