Why Keanu Reeves wants Facebook to have nothing to do with the ‘metaverse’

A Hollywood actor, “Keanu Reeves”, when asked about the views on the Metaverse, said that he does not want Facebook to do anything with the Metaverse technology. He mentioned that Metaverse is not a new concept; it has been in the market for so long.

When he was asked if he thought that the Metaverse everybody is talking about is dystopian, the tech of the future bringing everyone to a Matrix-like dystopia, he said that it is just virtual content creation and its economic creation is cryptocurrency.

For cryptocurrency, Reeves mentioned that his friend acquired some cryptocurrency. Still, he has not yet invested it in any way. I am not opposed to crypto or the Metaverse but want Facebook to keep away from it. I noticed that Mark Zuckerberg said that Metaverse was the successor to the mobile internet earlier this year. While the site Metaverse is managed by Facebook, it was said that it intended to build it responsibly some time ago.

The name of it was changed to Meta by the company. Meta explains that you create and explore virtual spaces with other people who are not in the same physical space as you. All of your activities for making friends, working, playing, learning, shop, creating, and you will make others. It is not necessarily about spending more time online; it is about making the time you do spend online more meaningful. In addition, it said that the Metaverse is not a single product that one company can build alone. The Metaverse exists just like the internet, regardless of whether or not Facebook is there. The building process will not occur overnight.

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