Metaverse GameFi Spirit Land Debuts on Binance NFT

It is the date Singapore, Dec. Spirit Land, an on-chain multiplayer Metaverse SLG game, made its debut on the Binance NFT Marketplace. The first 1,000 unique collectibles NFTs sold out. Before the game launches, will sell 10,000 NFTs based on the Binance Smart Chain. In January of 2022, we will use NFTs and stake mining to collect collectibles. Eventually, NFTs will be used in-game combat.

NFT holders can share 20% of the royalties of other players trading in the official NFT market. There are two parts, farming, and card battling. The Spirit Functional Fruits can be used to purchase NFT Mystery Boxes. Players who rank top in the season will receive more advanced rewards after many battles at NFT.

The spirit land contains information concerning the background and future versions of the game. After version 1.0 will be officially launched in the second quarter of next year. A brand new version of Metaverse is expected to start testing in the third quarter. In this spirit metaverse, players form groups and create, build, fight, socialize, etc. Various new functions and gameplay will provide an immersive experience.

As a new game, many people in the industry say that Spirit Land has great potential, not only for its cute design style and rare spirit. Now its talents will be shown by it in the field of Metaverse. All details are in Contact. I am using io.

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