Gamesta CEO Spencer Tarring Talks About GameFi, Metaverse and How the Guild Fits in the Grand Plan – Interview …

Spencer Tarring, the CEO of Gamesta, discusses the video games GameFi, Metaverse, and How the Guild Fits. The network of players playing it creates a game’s value. Each player will represent the same value in a digital game, regardless of wealth or means. With the new blockchain technology, players’ loyalty can finally be rewarded by game developersSpencer Tarring is the founder and CEO of Gamesta.

Recently the Bitcoin became joined by He. Spencer is the Founder of VMG & DopeWarz and has a wealth of experience in both startup & crypto. He runs a successful youtube channel called Crypto Money Life as well. The regular guest on Bitboy’s ATB show has good connections in the crypto and influencer community.

Gamesta shared more about the project. The team is on Twitter. The news podcast features interviews with the most exciting leaders, founders, and investors in the cryptocurrency space, decentralized finance.

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