GTP Global Digital Trade Universal Credit is about to release the ecological first Gamefi

The GTP General Points GTP team recently announced that Gamefi is laying out and developing chain games for the GTP. The chain tour is coming out in Q4 2021, which will promote the long-term development of GTP ecology.
Global digital trade is about universal points that use blockchain technology to construct the Eurasian digital economy trade system. Build aThe value and resources are shared by each participating subject a new era of digital economy-driven development of natural industries with innovative thinking. Thus, the global brand promotion of GTP will be fully complemented by the Eurasian green trade system by Eurasian Digital Trade Development Foundation.

The Chinese Association for the Development of Belt and Road Strategy and the Russian Pearl Service Company have collaborated to create GTP. Every participant can solve the problem of a cross-border trade ecosystem with borderless application circulation of data assets, trustworthiness, and trace. The total management volume for the Blockchain Industry Guidance Fund is over 50 billion rubles. The GTP team prioritizes developers who are successful and reputable in their careers. Senior operators and experts are experienced in the industry. With the development of GTP and the increase in application market share, the Foundation will be open to absorbing talents willing to contribute to the community. Blockchain has had an impact in the financial sector since 2014. There are numerous applications in clearing and settlement, cross-border payments, asset registration, and accounting. GTP has also developed the ecological application value of GTP passes to the community users.

GTPex will provide decentralized exchange functionality as well. The GTP network also supports decentralized exchange functionality. A decentralized exchange gathers multiple pairs of transactions. A pair allows trading between GTP30 tokens or between GTP tokens and BIDs. Any account creates a transaction pair between any tokens. GTP network specifies equal weights for both tokens. This will also provide a fresh boost to the crypto world. When she spoke at the Wuzhen Summit, Mary Ma, Chief Strategy Officer at MixMarvel, proposed GameFi. I want to summarize GameFi to present decentralized financial products as a game, gamifying rules of DeFi. Among the most notable features is the ability for users’ assets to transform into instruments or equipment in the DeFi game. This is already a powerful force that can lead the crypto world to the world, and the layout of the gaming ecosystem, developed byGamfi, Defi, and NFT are not simply games but a metauniverse world.

The technical team will access thousands of game apps. With the support of the new data storage infrastructure, users accumulate additional storage rewards. GTP provides open-source code for global developers to access the GTP World and other excellent themed games and storage applications. The contact is the media contact Russian Pearl Service Company. The contact person is Sergey Brin Email, the country is Russia.

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