Limited Football Players NFTs to open for Public Minting on 14 Feb Hong Kong’s First NFT x Football Management

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Hong Kong’s first NFT with football management simulation GameFi developed by local NFT and Blockchain. The team is committed to launching strategic football management simulation GameFi within three months from the day when all NFTs are minted. 

GameFi’s strategic football management simulators, like the popular ‘Football Manager’ series, are released three months after all NFTs are issued. Place NFT players into your club as directed by your coach. Winners can earn “Key0Coin”, an in-game token for future rare NFT trades and special prizes.

About HolyShxxt!!

The success of HolyShxxt depends on having a vibrant community. HolyShxxt strives to create passionate and loyal communities of like-minded people without geographic, cultural, or linguistic boundaries. We are a team that believes in the limitless potential of blockchain and NFT-related applications and hopes to create a stable platform for creating value for digital assets and cryptocurrencies.


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