Quentin Tarantino Auctions off Script as NFT

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US director Quentin Tarantino auctions a script as NFT on 17th January. The first-ever auction consisted of chapters from his Oscar-winning screenplay “Pulp Fiction.” The website promoting the auction says that each NFT consists of an iconic scene from the original script along with a personalized commentary from Tarantino.

The official statement says that the NFT collector will get an insight into Tarantino’s mind and his creative process. However, Miramax, producer of Pulp Fiction, has filed a lawsuit ahead of the auction for breach of contract. They claim that they own the rights to the script and the NFT project is a copyright infringement. When the movie was released, NFTs were non-existent, so their relationship with the existing copyright law is ambiguous.

Numerous individuals and companies are cashing in on the NFTs. The prospect of big profits is quite tempting, and the authors receive a percentage of each resale of a work. Companies belonging to the gaming and fashion industry are participating in the NFT mania, including Nike selling digital sneakers. Many famous personalities are also joining the bandwagon and selling their NFTs to become a part of the trend.

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