What’s the NELK Boys’ Full Send NFT About?

NELK Boys is a prominent internet group that has avid followers. It consists of the founder Kyle Forgeard along with Salim Sirur, Arthur Kulik, Stephen Delenardis, and Lucas Gasparini. With 7.19 million subscribers on YouTube, they are already a rage among the masses. Now, they are about the enter the world of NFTs.

Through their pranks and partying content, they have earned millions of dollars. Forgeard defines his brand, Full Send, carrying the view “any activity you do, give it your absolute best.” Unlike other influencers, they do not solely focus on ads to bring revenue. It is their merch line that brings almost $70 million per year.

Many times, the group has been in hot waters for illegal activity involving their crude jokes and pranks. Their YouTube monetization was also halted as they discouraged fans to follow COVID-19 guidelines. However, this did not affect their income as they spend a lot of time promoting crypto coins and NFTs. On 17th January, they announced the launch of their own NFT.

To create hype for the NFT, the NELK boys have urged their followers to join their Discord server, which now has over 200,000 members. Forgeard believes that this NFT is going to shake the NFT space and create buzz. The group didn’t rush into NFTs and became as knowledgeable about them as possible. While people are still sceptical about the NELK Boys NFT launch, it remains to be seen how the project unfolds.

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